BERTOLINI BTS 65 Flail Mower

BERTOLINI BTS 65 Flail Mower

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BTS 65

High-performance, reliable model designed for the needs of farmers and professional operators. Grass, shoots, twigs and low vegetation, scrub and stubble: this machine stops at nothing, assuring excellent cleaning of ground, orchards and vineyards thanks to its highly efficient and powerful cutting unit and wide working width.

  • Petrol engine with recoil start.
  • Long-lasting reliability guaranteed by the transmission with oil-immersed gears.
  • Extreme versatility, with 4-speed gears (3 forward + 1 reverse), assuring the same working efficiency on the ground depending on hardness and consistency.
  • The reverse gear makes it easy to manoeuvre and find the right working position.
  • Belt clutch with tensioner, with separate controls for the cutting unit and propulsion.
  • Wheel locking and independent steering clutches on the driving wheels to allow for easier and quicker.
  • Handlebars adjustable to 4 different heights and 5 widths to guarantee the best working position for the operator.
  • Service and parking brake engages automatically when the clutch is released, to prevent accidental hazardous movements.

    Engine Honda GX 270 OHV 8,0 Hp
    Starting recoil
    Transmission with gears in oil bath
    Gearbox 4-speed (3 forward + 1 reverse)
    Speed (km/h) 1st: 1.2 - 2nd: 2.2 - 3rd: 3.4 - 1st R: 1.4
    Clutch belt with tensioner, separate controls for rotor and drive
    Steering with independent steering clutches and wheel lock
    Handlebars adjustable in height and on the sides
    Cutting unit rotor with 38 flails
    Working width 65 cm
    Cutting height 20 - 80 mm, crank adjusted
    Service brake with automatic cut-in
    Wheels tractor 16/6.50-8''
    Weight 160 Kg
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