HONDA HSL 2511 E Snow Blower with tracks

HONDA HSL 2511 E Snow Blower with tracks

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HONDA HSL 2511 E Snow Blower with tracks 

Honda HSL2511E is a snow thrower equipped with a V-twin injection engine, improved tiller design, can clean an area the size of two tennis courts in about 40 minutes.

Designed for use at any altitude, the new Honda HSL2511E engine is capable of operating in virtually any environment.

Honda designed the engine to ensure that potentially corrosive gasoline does not remain in the carburetor after use. This prevents engine deterioration and therefore reduces the need for maintenance.

Melting ice also leads to problems. In this case, it is leaks and standing water on the roof that can damage the property. To avoid problems for buildings with flat roofs, those who own a HONDA HSL2511E snowplow take it to the roof of their home, where once again these snowplow shine in terms of grip and maneuverability.

Honda HSL2511E has also improved the Snowfighter's fuel economy by 10 percent. This, along with the larger 25-liter fuel tank capacity, means it can run for up to four hours while reducing gasoline costs.

The Honda HSL2511E features a unique hour meter function, which through intelligent self-diagnostics tells you when routine maintenance is due and needs to be performed. Aren't these the things that make your job easier?



Net power: 16.5 kW
Fuel: Gasoline
Engine: Honda GX690, 4-stroke
Starting system (AMP): Electric
Working width: 1100 mm
Working height: 740 mm
Maximum capacity: 140 t/h
Maximum jet distance: 26 m
Jet direction adjustment: 2 electric stages
Transmission: Hydrostatic
Traction type: Tracks
Consumption: 6.25 Lt/h
Acoustic power: 105 dB(A)
Length: 2425 mm
Width: 1100 mm
Height: 2015 mm
Weight: 595 Kg
Speed (km/h): Minimum 0-0.37, Maximum 0-0.96
Speed automatic mode (km/h): Minimum 0-0.41, Maximum 0-1.06

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