BERTA rotary plough for two wheels tractors

BERTA rotary plough for two wheels tractors

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BERTA ROTARY PLOUGH: 100 % Made in Italy

The Rotary Plough is the better machine for breaking up very hard ground.

It allows to plow easily in previously uncultivated ground.

The standard attach is compatible with the BCS FERRARI PASQUALI CAMON two wheel tractor (new type PTO)

It is also possible to make (with extra cost) the attach for BCS old type PTO or other brands of two wheel tractor e.g. GOLDONI, GRILLO, CARRARO etc.....  

This tool is compatible for almost any brand of cultivator: contact me to verify the compatibility. 

The 4  blades are vertically driven and turn at approximately 300rpm. Thanks to the corkscrew action the plough is berthed to the ground, turning the soil over and throwing it out to the side.

About planting seeds and vegetables the rotary plough leaves 25-30cm of worked soil, in every single pass.

The horizontal action of the blades through the soil causes little or no hardpan. 

Thanks to a gauce wheel the digging depth is easily controlled.

Also the discharge is easily controlled by the adjustable top cover and a removable side flap.


Demanded minimal power: 8 hp

Working width: 20cm to 25cm (8" to 10")

Digging depth: 25cm to 30cm (10" to 12")

Compatible with: BCS 740, C 13

Dimensions: 50x70x55 

Weight: 43 kg

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