Snow Thrower HONDA HSS 760 A ET D Snow Blower Electric start

Snow Thrower HONDA HSS 760 A ET D Snow Blower Electric start

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Snow Thrower HSS 760A ETD Electric start

Variable hydrostatic transmission, manual hand start tracked model.  Larger capacity machine with an output of 42 tonnes per hour. Totally variable forward and reverse speeds ideally suited to handle varying density of soft or firm snow.  Fitted with a powerful work lamp. Manual adjustment for the direction and distance of snow ejection.

Characterized by compact dimensions, the models in this line are simple to use and offer all the power of the two-stage system.
If you are looking for the best in technology in this sector, Honda has created exceptional machines, capable of offering maximum efficiency and comfort of use.
Equipped with special tracks and equipped with the clutch steering system, which offers excellent maneuverability even in the tightest spaces.
The expulsion chimney can be adjusted using an electric joystick located on the control panel of the control unit.
Ease of use
In order to maximize ease of use and operator comfort, the 7 Series models are equipped with hydrostatic transmission and LED headlight.
The GX200 engine further improves ease of use by significantly reducing the operator's work, thanks to very low noise and reduced emissions.
Performance The power and reliability that characterize the GX200 engine ensure high removal capacity and considerable ejection distance, while maintaining compact dimensions.
This dual-stage model is able to operate in all snow conditions and, thanks to the powerful LED headlight, is able to operate even in the dark.

Technical  Data
Engine                Honda GX200 6.5hp   
Transmission        Variable forward & reverse
Drive train            Rubber tracks
Fuel capacity        3.1 litres
Clearing capacity  42 tonnes per hour
Autonomy            1.8 hours
Ejection distance   up to 14 metres
Kerb weight           91kg
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