BCS GroundBlaster rotary plough

BCS GroundBlaster rotary plough

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BCS GroundBlaster rotary plough

Ideal attachment for making the soil soft and ready for sowing, for eliminating weeds or for the tillage of small areas to be cultivated.


The GroundBlaster rotary plough solves the problem of ploughing and subsequent rotary hoeing, incorporating the two operations in a single step, leaving the soil ready for sowing.

It consists of four spiral blades that turn on a vertical shaft, effortlessly digging into all medium-consistency terrains, even on a slight slope and in tight spaces.

The use of the rotary plough up hills or on slopes gives the advantage of being able to restore the soil uphill.

It can also be used also for the creation of furrows, by performing multiple passes.

Technical Data

Working width       Minimum power required*       Width        Weight

250 mm                6,3 kw                                  680 mm       43kg

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