BCS 750 Two Wheel Tractor DIESEL LOMBARDINI 3LD510 12,2 hp 85 cm Recoil Start

BCS 750 Two Wheel Tractor DIESEL LOMBARDINI 3LD510 12,2 hp 85 cm Recoil Start

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The 750 two-wheel tractor, designed for continuous and heavy duty uses, has a gearbox with 3 forward and 3 reverse speeds and a quick reverser to change the forwarding direction.
Also, reduction units on the wheel axles have been made to improve the performance and the life of the machine. 
The available engines are: one gasoline engine Honda GX390 recoil starter 11.7 hp and two Diesel engines Lombardini 15LD440 11 hp and 3LD510 12.2 both with recoil or electric starter. 
The diifferential with lock and the special balance weights ensure improve maneuverability and adhesion to the ground surface also when used on uneven or slippery soils.

Even though the 750 two-wheel tractor is a machine specially designed for soil preparation, thanks to its versatility it is well suited to a broad range of uses both for fruit and vegetable cultivation and for soil maintenance.

The hydraulic clutch in an oil bath PowerSafe®, allows anyone to approach each BCS two-wheel tractor model, sure that he can always use it safely, with the utmost performance and with the advantage of a cutting-edge technology, already used in the most advanced segment of the automotive.

Four are the principal characteristics of the new clutch: 
1. Performance: benefiting from the full capabilities and versatility of the machine without jeopardising its lifespan. 
2. Reliability: a hydraulic clutch with no maintenance or adjustment and a practically unlimited duration, even in heavy use with alternating movement tools (cutter bars) or in use at a high inertia level (lawn mower or heavy-duty mower).
3. Security: immediate machine stopping due to an integrated automatic brake. The tool also stops upon release of the handlebar. 
4. Comfort: elimination of preliminary stages for engine starting. The engine runs continuously even when the operator releases the handlebar. Controls are ergonomic with a soft, progressive clutch.



Power (kw/hp)





Reverse gear





 9 / 12,2



3 + 3

I - 0,98
II - 2,27
III - 3,34
IRM - 1,03
IIRM - 2,39
IIIRM - 3,51



with lock